Justine Parsons, Owner & Visionary

Using the EOS model and tools we’ve been able to go back to basics to ensure we have the foundation of a good business able to take on any uncertainty. We now have our core values defined, right people in the right seats, our 3-5 and 10 year goals identified and rolled out throughout the team so as a company we are all going in the same direction.

With the Level 10 meetings a weekly habit for our leadership team we quickly work through our to-dos, check in on our scorecard and identify – discuss and solve our issues. These tools have helped us to make huge gains in growth and solve some underlying issues we’ve struggled with for years.
Debra holds us accountable, she’s supportive but calls me out on my excuses (in a wonderful way!) and what I love the most is she shows us the way to reach our desired outcomes so it seems like the ideas are all ours … but we’d never see them without her help.

EOS + Business Traction + Debra is an absolute game changer for us, in a year when a game changer is exactly what we needed.Thank you Debra for exposing our team to EOS and then working with us to implement it. We feel truly supported and your experience and knowledge is amazing!!  Knowing what to focus on and what direction we are heading in has brought the team together and we are now all on the same page and using our scorecard we can see the difference E.O.S is making – in the 20 weeks we have pretty much doubled our revenue so, THANK YOU.